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Everything you need to know about the different plans in Jenji

A solution tailored to your needs: Jenji's plans


The strength of Jenji's solution is that it can be tailored to best meet the needs of your business and your expense policy.

Whether you are a self-employed person or the chief accountant of a large company, Jenji can be adapted to your needs! Indeed, our diverse plans, Solo, Team and Enterprise, allow everyone to be satisfied.

The Solo plan: the free basic version


If there is one thing that makes Jenji stand out, it is its offer of a version accessible to all. In fact the basic version, the Solo plan , is free and unlimited! No need to look for the little asterisks at the foot of the contract, there aren't any. It is free. Period.

In addition, it works well, it's not just a pretty shop window. With it, you can enter any type of expense (standard expense with paper receipt or digital invoice, as well as mileage expenses), mark your expenses as processed at any time for strict monitoring, and export your expenses (in different formats) in order to send them to a third party.

To become a pro at using Jenji Solo, please do not hesitate to consult our Practical Guide. It gives you all the information you need.


The Team plan: the essential version for managing your employees' expenses


Are you not the only person in your company? And if not, do you have to take charge of and manage your employees' business expenses? Then the Team paid plan is made for you. It provides you with a dynamic approval circuit, which enables you to check and approve the expense reports declared in the multi-user account, as well as to manage reimbursements and re-invoice where applicable.

You can therefore invite your employees to join your company's account in order to centralise the management of all expenses. You will be able to configure the company account in line with your needs, and it will also provide you with an analytical follow-up of your accounting.


The Enterprise plan: advanced features to optimise the management of business expenses


The Enterprise plan is the most advanced paid version of Jenji. It is adapted to the needs and demands of large companies. If your company is interested in contracting this, it will of course have access to the dynamic expense approval circuit, but will also be able to benefit from various options:

  • Corporate credit card reconciliation
  • Generation of SEPA reimbursements
  • Native ERP Accounting connector (compatible with many types of software)
  • Customised alerts
  • Management of advances
  • Declaration of allowances
  • And much more.


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