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Switch from a Solo plan to a Team plan

Jenji Solo, our free version, is ideal for Freelancers and Self-employed persons who want to manage their own business expenses.

Are you a company with less than 50 employees looking for a solution to manage all expense reports internally?We have designed an agile offer where you can benefit from a usage subscription, calculated on the basis of your actual consumption (active users over the month).

Jenji Team is invoiced at €5 excl. tax per month per active user. A user is considered 'active' from the moment they have declared and/or edited at least one expense in Jenji during the month (regardless of the user's profile). The number of entries and/or actions carried out during the month is unlimited after that, therefore having no impact on the price.

Jenji Team is just as well suited to very small structures wishing to take advantage of our offer of archiving with probative value. Indeed, once you have subscribed to Jenji Team, you can then subscribe to the Vault option to finally free yourself from paper. The digitised supporting documents are transmitted automatically in an electronic safe, and are valid for the URSSAF social security organisation, as well as for the fiscal authorities for companies registered in France.

I am on the Solo plan and I want to switch to the Team plan

Free trial for 30 days

Jenji Team is available free of charge for a period of 30 days. You can switch to the Team plan directly from the configuration of your Solo plan, and start your trial period without any banking information required.

Note: You can end your trial period at any time you wish if you want to switch back to the Solo plan.

  • Go to the web application at
  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  • In the Subscription menu, then
  • The display confirms that you are currently on a Solo plan.


  • After reading the main points of the Jenji Team offer, click on Change plan.


Information to take into account before switching from a Solo plan to a Team plan


The Solo plan (free version) allows you to follow the processing of your expenses thanks to the Waiting and Processed states.

Our Jenji Team  collaborative plan has a specific approval circuit, with the following states: Compliant, Non-Compliant, Accepted, Rejected, Reimbursed, Accounted, Closed.


Since the Processed state is not available, any expense Processed in the Solo plan will therefore revert to the Waiting state following a switch to the Team plan.

If you agree with this warning, click Accept.


  • You are now in the Team plan. Your 30-day count-down begins.
  • Our various user guides for the Team plan are available here .
  • You can begin to test all the features of Jenji Team.Only the Vault option is locked during the trial period. To be able to have access to archiving with probative value, you must have subscribed to Jenji Team.

I would like to subscribe to the Team plan

Are you happy with your free trial? You can subscribe to Jenji Team at any time.

  • Via your account Settings, go to the Subscription > General Click the Subscribe to Jenji Team button.


  • Complete the invoicing information and accept the terms and conditions of sale to be able to click on Save. After that, you will always have the option of editing the Invoicing information.


Note: The intra-community VAT number is not required for associations.

  • Now click on Configure to set up a direct debit.


The direct debit form is displayed:

  • Enter your personal details, or those of the company by clicking on the dedicated section.
  • Complete the required information, then click Set up a direct debit.
  • Check the data previously entered, then click Confirm.
  • Your payment information has been registered. Now click on Subscribe to Jenji Team.


  • Confirm your subscription in the window that opens.


  • You are now in the Team plan (your Jenji Team subscription can be cancelled at any time).


  • Your IBAN number is currently being checked.


  • Once your direct debit is confirmed, you can find your invoices directly via the Invoices tab, as explained in this article .

Possible case: I invite a Solo plan user to join my Team account

If you invite a user who is already using Jenji's Solo plan to join your Team account, all of the latter's data will be migrated (expenses, mileage expenses, tags). However, some fields may be empty:

  • Category: if the user has configured additional categories in their own Solo account, and has entered expenses with these said categories.
  • Payment method: if the user has modified the title of a payment method, or has added a new payment method in their own Solo account, and has entered expenses with these said payment methods.
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