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Join the Jenji account of your organization, the steps

Does your company have a Team or Enterprise account and you want to join the organisation?

For this, you must receive an invitation by email.

How do I receive an invitation to join the Jenji account?


Only persons with Administrator rights can send an invitation. We therefore suggest that you contact the administrator of your company's Jenji account so that the latter can add you as an employee.

How can I be attached to the organisation?

  • Your administrator has sent you an invitation by email. Click on the Accept invitation


  • Your username, which corresponds to your email address, is automatically pre-entered. Do not change this.
  • Choose a password and click on Signup.
inv en.png
  • You are now attached to your company's Jenji account.

If you created a Jenji account without accepting the invitation first, a message will appear in your personal space:

  • Log in to your personal web space
  • click on accept :
Screenshot_2 en.png
  • Your account will be automatically linked to the organization.
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