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Create and configure a template

What is a template?

When creating a client file, it is possible to use a pre-defined file template. This allows you to save time by using an existing configuration. 

How to create a template ?

  • Go to your Jenji expert space at
  • In the menu bar, click on Create, then New Template.

  • Enter the name of the template (ex: TPE).
  • Choose the type of plan: Pro or Enterprise. 
  • Fill in the comment field (e.g.: description of the model). 
  • Click on Confirm
  • The new template is created. It is displayed in the list of templates.

How to configure a template?

In the My Templates tab, click on the Edit button of the template to edit. 
  • Go to the Template Configuration by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner. 
  • In a template, only certain elements can be set. 

- From General: Payment methods, Countries and currencies, Exchange rates, Tags

- From Expense Policy: Categories, Optional fields, Alert thresholds

- From Integrations: Accounting exports, Custom exports, Connected apps

Details on the configuration are available in the documentation related to the company account settings.

Find out how to set up the :
  • Means of payment 
  • Currencies 
  • Exchange rates
  • Categories
  • Alert thresholds
  • Accounting Exports
  • Customized export

Once the template is configured, it can be used when creating a new client file. The configuration of the template will be implemented on the client file. 
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