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Updated May 14, 2024

New design of Transactions pages


The new Transactions module interface is now available.








Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 17.59.48.png

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 17.59.58.png

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 18.00.07.png


Updated October 10, 2023

New field on vehicle details

When creating a vehicle (and as long as the vehicle has not been validated), it is possible to enter the number of kilometers already traveled with the vehicle, since the start of the current year.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 11.52.40.png

This information, if applied to the vehicle, is taken into account in the automatic calculation of mileage allowances.

Updated June 20, 2023

Export of expense reports

Note: only for accounts with "Expense reports" module.

It is now possible to export expense reports in CSV format.

Find the exports in the tab Exports Standard.

Updated June 6, 2023

New design for login pages

Pages - such as login, password reset, signup - have a new design. 


New dashboard

Depending on their profiles, users now have dedicated sections to facilitate the management of expenses and employees.


Updated May 9, 2023

New design for tax details

Note: Only for Enterprise accounts with "Tax details" option. 

Discover the new tax details design.

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 18.19.57.png

Tax data was not extracted correctly and needs to be modified?
Click on the "Rate" field and follow the guide!

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 18.20.40.png

No more manual entries. Tax amounts are now calculated automatically to save you even more time!

Updated March 29, 2023

New design for exports pages

As part of the visual overhaul of the web application, it's the turn of the Exports pages to get a makeover.


Export pages affected:

  • Standard
  • Shared
  • Accounting
  • Reimbursements
  • Advances


Updated January 31, 2023

Options available to declare a mileage

By default, 3 modes are available when entering a mileage expense in Jenji:

  • Select an itinerary
  • Enter a distance
  • Use a recurring ride

Via the account settings, it is now possible to deactivate some options. These will not be available when entering a ride.

Note: at least one of those options, Google Maps or manual distance must be activated.

Updated January 17, 2023

Navigation menu display conditions

The menu gets new features in order to optimize the display of data in the interface.

Your screen resolution is higher than 1366x768 pixels?

You can collapse the menu and display it again at any time.


Is your screen resolution equal to or less than 1366 x 768 pixels?

When using such a resolution (out of standard), the space available to display all the data is largely limited. The navigation menu is now automatically collapsed to improve readability.

To display the menu, simply click on the icon at the top left of your screen.

Expense report status update

Note: only for accounts with "Expense reports" module.

The date on which an expense report changed state is now available in the list of items, with the possibility of ordering by ascending/decreasing date.

Updated January 3, 2023

Personal rights disabled

You do not want a user to be able to enter expenses into Jenji?

Personal rights can now be deactivated for active users.

In account Settings, select the User Management tab, then Employees.

  • Click on the 3 dots to edit an employee profile.


  • In the Roles and permissions section, activate the boolean to remove the employee's personal rights.

  • Both from the mobile app or the web app, user will not have permission to enter expenses, nor access other personal perimeters.

Note: access linked to any additional rights are not affected (checker, manager, accountant, etc.).


Date consistency check

Have custom date-type fields been set up in your Team or Enterprise account?

It is now possible to define a consistency check between 2 dates, for example to prevent a user from entering an end date earlier than a start date.

How to configure a date consistency check?

  • In Account Settings, go to:
    • Expense Policy Custom Fields, if these are custom fields applied to expenses.
    • or User Management Custom Fields, if these are custom fields applied to user profiles or vehicles.
  • Click on the 3 dots to edit the custom field.

  • Activate the "Use the value of a custom field" boolean and select the desired item from the drop-down list.


Option available: no default date when entering an allowance

When adding an "allowance" expense, the current date is pre-filled by default.

Would you rather the date field being empty?

This setting can be made at the request of an Admin (email to be sent to

Updated December 21, 2022

New design for validation pages

Are you in charge of approving business expenses within your company?

Jenji continues the visual overhaul of its web application for a better user experience, while ensuring consistency and continuity of security and performance.

After the Expenses pages, it is the turn of the To check and To validate pages to benefit from new features brought by the new design, such as the advanced filter system.

List view

Employees view

Expense reimbursement details

Note: Only for accounts that have a validation workflow (Team and Enterprise).

Display of expense reimbursement details

Reimbursement information is now displayed for expenses that have been accepted.

In the summary of an expense:

As well as in the expense list (due amount is displayed in orange when different from the amount of the expense): 

In which cases is the “Reimbursable” amount different from the amount of the expense?

  • Company expense policy rules are applied (example: accommodation expense capped at €120).

  • The expense was paid with a non-refundable payment method (example: company credit card).

Charged to Advance

  • If an expense is linked to an advance, the amount charged to the advance is displayed.

  • The charged amount is not included in the “Due amount” amount.

  • The label of the advance is available via the tooltip.

Charged to Budgets

  • If an expense is linked to a budget, the "Out of budget" amount is displayed.

  • The “Out of budget” amount is not included in the “Due amount” amount

  • The label of the budget is available via the tooltip.


Submitting expenses over a period

User can now select a period when adding a mileage or an allowance.



Adding allowances

Several allowances are set up in your company's account?
Type selection is now available directly from the expense entry menu.


If there is only one allowance, its label is displayed directly via the menu.



Filters as favorite

Some filters are now set as favorites by default: Employee, State, Category, Payment method.

Each user can configure its own favorites:

  • a filter is added to the favorites by clicking on the star icon
  • a filter is removed from the favorites by clicking on the star icon

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 09.38.20.png

Quick access to Jenji Studio and Jenji Pay

Admins can now open Jenji Studio and Jenji Pay directly from the navigation bar.



Redesign of the page "Expenses"

A more intuitive and simple navigation thanks to the new web interface.


New display to obtain information more quickly and easily

  • Additional information when hovering the mouse cursor over an object: alert, category label, tag, creation date, converted amount, email address.


New filter system to simplify data management

  • Date range: last 30 days selected by default with the possibility to select a specific period or to use preset values.


  • Standard and advanced filter criteria with search option and multi-selection.


New UX to facilitate data processing and queries formulation

Available options upon selection of expenses: open selected items, action to apply on selected items, export of selected items.

Note: available actions and exports vary according to the user’s rights.  


Mileage multi-destination

Each user can now add trips with several destinations (up to 10).



New self-service features to automate mileage reimbursement

Several features that were previously only available in our Enterprise package are now available in self-service. From now on, you can enjoy more flexibility regardless of your Jenji plan!

Multi-mileage rates

Add as many rates as you want in the configuration of your Jenji account. Then go to the vehicle sheet details to apply the scale of your choice.


New vehicle type: Bike

You can configure a fixed rate dedicated to bicycles.


International mileage rates

Jenji automatically calculates the correct amount to reimburse based on local official rates. Select the mileage rate of your choice. 



The Jenji Web App gets a new look

A new interface

Simple and intuitive - to make expense management even easier.

This first version comes with:

  • The introduction of the general new look
  • The reorganization of the Settings
  • The new expense edition screen which include 2 modes: Read and Edit


Customed theme

The Admin can choose the theme to apply on the user interface (available for all plans).


Kilometers or Miles, your choice!

Each user can now set up its default distance unit via its profile.


A conversion is available on any mileage checked by someone with a different preferred distance unit.


'Tags' and 'Billable' join the Optional features!

Tagging or re-invoicing is not part of your expense processing? From now on the features can be disable in the account configuration. As a result, users won't see the corresponding fields anymore.


The perimeter of optional features can now be specified!

Every company as its own way of doing things. Define a scope if you want the feature to be displayed only for some categories of expense.

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 17.03.35.png

Say Hello! to the new expense creation page

Receipt preview

Submitting an expense becomes even faster and easier. You can view all the details of the receipt, zoom in/out and even browse the different pages if the document has more than one.


Augmented OCR

Data that has been extracted by the OCR is highlighted on the receipt. Click in a field and then pick the information of your choice - or select any detail directly from the receipt to fill in your expense!


Your categories as your wish!

Categories are now fully customizable.

It is possible to edit or disable a default category (Gas, Hotel, Other, Purchase, Restaurant, Taxi, Travel) and to set new OCR mapping rules.

A list of 42 icons and 11 background colors is also available in order to personalize each category.


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