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Bank information required to manage employee reimbursements via SEPA

The Generate SEPA reimbursements module is available in Enterprise plans.

This automatically generates a SEPA export to process the payment of expenses incurred by employees.

Once the module is activated, a new tab entitled Bank details is available in the company' s account settings, via the following link: Company settings > Integrations.

The required bank details can be configured via this tab.
Note: You must be an account Administrator to access the Settings.

Company bank details

We invite you to click on the Company tab.

If this information is not complete, the generation of the SEPA file will fail.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-13 à 15.36.15.png

Click on Add.



Employee bank details

 We invite you to click on the Employees tab

Each employee can enter their own bank details via the Settings of their personal space.

Once the information has been configured, it will be displayed in the Bank details > Employees table.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-13 à 15.36.26.png

If an employee has not taken this action, they will not appear in this table. You will be able to see this by clicking on the Add button. The employee's name can be selected from the list of employees. You will also be asked for the IBAN and the BIC.

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