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Granting an advance to an employee



The Advances module is available in the Enterprise plan.

This enables the automatic management of employee reimbursement in the event of an advance on business expenses.

Once the module is activated, a new Advances tab will be available in the menu of the web interface.
 Each user will then have access to the advances that have been granted to them, whatever their profile.


How to grant an advance?


You must hold the right of accountant.

Via your online space, you have access to the tab dedicated to managing employee advances.


  • Click on the Add button
  • Enter the various fields of the advance form, and click on Save.

  • The advance will be displayed in the list under the state Available. As long as no expense is entered by the employee, you can delete the advance.

  • Any new expense entered by the employee will not be offset directly in advance.


  • Expenses will be offset at the time the expenses are approved.



Charged to advance


  • If an expense is linked to an advance, the amount charged to the advance is displayed.
  • The charged amount is not included in the “Due amount” amount.
  • The label of the advance is available via the tooltip.

Treatment of advances during reimbursements


You have carried out a reimbursement export.

The total to be reimbursed will be zero if the amount of the expenses is covered by the advance.


  • Download the summary files by clicking on the three dots.

  • Details are available in the PDF file.


Why stop there when things are going so well?


Find out about the payment of advances by SEPA .

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