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Pay advances by SEPA



Feature available by default for Enterprise plans if you have subscribed to the Generate SEPA reimbursements and Automatic advance management modules.

The payment of advances by SEPA automatically generates a SEPA export to process the payment of advances granted to employees.




  1. Make sure that the bank details of all of your employees have been entered, as well as those of the company.


To do this, go to the account configuration, then to Company Settings Integrations Bank details Employees.


  1. One or more advances must have been created.


See our online article Granting an employee advance for more details.


Generate the SEPA export for the advances


You must hold the right of accountant.

From your  online space, go to the Advances  Team tab.

  • Select one or more advances.
  • Click on the Exports button, then on SEPA.

Capture d'écran 2023-04-05 115427.png

  • Indicate the label of your SEPA export, then click Export.


  • The Exported information is displayed for the advance(s) concerned.


  • Your SEPA export has been generated automatically, and is available in the Exports  Advances.


  • The export is in the Pending state. The files are available for download by clicking on the tree dots, then Download.


  • In the folder entitled SEPA, you can find: the file in .xml format, and the summary file in PDF format.


Note: The comment missing bank details may appear in the PDF file, if applicable.


Declare the payment of advances


As soon as the advance payment has been made to employees, you should confirm this in Jenji.

Go to the Exports  Advances tab.

  • Click on the three dots on the line of the export concerned, then Mark as paid.


  • Indicate the informations relating to the payment.

  • The SEPA export's status changes to Paid
  • The Paid information is also displayed for the advance(s) concerned.


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