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Set up payment by direct debit

The most used payment for our paid plans: direct debit via GoCardless


The monthly subscription for Enterprise plans, as well as for the Archiving option with probative value (Jenji Vault), should be paid by SEPA direct debit. We have selected the GoCardless solution, which is today one of the best direct debit providers.

Set up the direct debit

  • Go to the web application at
  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  • In the Subscription menu, then Billing details.
  • Complete the billing information if it is empty. You must accept the general terms and conditions of sale to be able to Save.

Billing information.png

Note: The intra-community VAT number is not required for associations.

  • Now click on Configure to set up a direct debit.


The direct debit form is displayed:

  • Enter your personal details, or those of the company by clicking on the dedicated section.
  • Complete the required information, then click Set up a direct debit.

Gocardless (1).png

  • Check the data previously entered, then click Confirm.
  • Your payment information has been registered. You can now subscribe to the offer of your choice.
  • Your IBAN number is currently being checked.

Waiting confirmation (2).png

  • Once your direct debit is confirmed, you can find your invoices directly via the Invoices tab, as explained in this article .

Terminate the direct debit


You can stop the automatic debit at any time by cancelling your subscriptions to the plan or Vault.



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