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Create a client file

Points detailed in this article:

  • How to create a new client file.
  • How to invite your client to join their Jenji account.


Create a new client file

  • Go to your Jenji expert space at
  • Inthe menu bar, click on Create, then New File.


  1. Creation of a client file without a template

In this first case, no template is assigned to the client file. This means that the account configuration will be blank.

  • Select the type: Pro or Enterprise.


This distinction refers only to the expense approval procedure.

Pro: Simple procedure. A single approval step. Profile suitable for Self-employed persons, Freelancers, and small organisations.

Enterprise: Advanced procedure. A first expense verification step (named Compliance), followed by an approval step.Profile suitable for larger organisations.

  • Enter the internal file number (optional).
  • Enter the client's company name.


  • Click on Confirm.

The new client file is created. It is displayed in the file list.


  1. Creation of a client file with template

In this second case, a template (previously configured) is assigned to the client file. This means that the configuration of the client account will retrieve the template configuration as soon as it is created.

  • Select the type: Template.


  • Enter the internal file number (optional).


  • Enter the client's company name.


  • Select the template to assign.


  • Click on Confirm.


Invite your client to add their account

You can add one or more users to a client file.

You can invite both a person who does not yet have a Jenji account, as well as a person who already uses Jenji in SOLO version.

In the event that your client already has a Jenji account, accepting the invitation will automatically migrate the expenses from their SOLO account to their PRO account. You will then have access to previously entered expenses.

  • Connect to your client's file by clicking on Log in.
  • Once in the client's file, go to account Settings.


  • In the Company preferences > User management menu, click on Employees > Active users.
  • Click on the Add

The following window opens:


Left side 'Add a client'

  • Enter your client's email address. Please note, this will be their unique Jenji ID. They will have to create their Jenji account with the same identifier as that given in the invitation they received.
  • Enter the first and last name of your client.
  • Possibility to enter a reference ID (numbers or text) - optional information.
  • Choose the group to which the employee belongs: company name.

Right side 'Rights management'

  • You have the possibility to give certain rights to your client. This decision is up to you, depending on the process you want to establish between your firm and your client with regard to the processing of their expense reports via Jenji.

To send the invitation to your client, click on Add.


Activation of your client's account

The invitation is sent by email. Your client will have to carry out the following actions:

  • Via email, click on the Accept invitation
  • Do not modify the identifier. Click on Create my account.
  • Choose a password.

If your client creates their account without going through the invitation email, their account will remain in the SOLO plan, and will not be linked to your Jenji Expert portal.

You will see your client in the Pending Invitations tab.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-13 à 16.46.01.png

Your client can access an Invitation pending at any time via their personal space This will be displayed in their Dashboard.

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