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Connect to your Jenji Pay account


Who can access Jenji Pay?

To be able to access the Jenji Pay console, you must:

  • be the owner of the Jenji Pay account, i.e. the user who made the account opening request
  • be logged into your Jenji account from the web app

Open Jenji Pay

Access to Jenji Pay is available via:
  • The navigation bar at the top of the screen
Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 16.18.21.png
  • The account settings

Two-step verification

If you have configured strong authentication to access your Jenji Pay account, a notification is sent to your Jenji mobile app and a countdown begins. You must accept the invitation you received on your mobile before the end of the countdown.


Console Jenji Pay 

You are now logged into your Jenji Pay space.

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