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Why and how do I set up strong authentication (SCA) on my Jenji Pay account?


The European payment services directive (PSD2) defines new security standards concerning remote access to banking services, the security of online payments and the fight against fraud.

You must therefore configure strong authentication to:

  • Access your Jenji Pay account (Admin)

  • Validate an online payment (User)

To set up 2-Step Verification, log into the Jenji mobile app and go to your "Profile > Jenji Pay > 2-Step Verification".

Now pair your device:


What will change:

When logging into Jenji Pay (Admin) and/or doing online payments (User), you will systematically be asked to confirm:

2-Step verification will therefore be mandatory to connect to your Jenji Pay space and/or validate an online payment.

Make sure you have the Jenji app installed on your smartphone, with notifications enabled.

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