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Manage your own duplicates

Duplicate alert system


In order to alert you to a possible duplicate entry of expenses, an alert system will be triggered if several expenses have identical data. If the date and the amount are the same, the duplicates alert will be triggered.

Alerts are available both through your personal space, and your iOS or Android mobile application.

Management of duplicate alerts


Duplicates on your mobile

  • Click on the alert to display the corresponding duplicate.
  • Click on the expense cell to view the data.
  • Possibility to delete the duplicate by clicking on the icon.

Duplicates on the web


The Warnings tab provides access to duplicates detected by Jenji.

Any duplicates are listed by month.


  • Extend the desired period.
  • In the "Active" section, select "Duplicate."
  • Click "See receipt" to display and compare.
  • Click on the expense title to view the details and enter the expense.
  • If a real duplicate is found, once inside the expense, click "Edit," then at the bottom left, click the "Trash Can" icon to delete one of the expenses.

'I checked and these are not duplicates, what should I do?'


Some expenses are detected as duplicates as a preventive measure by our system as they are considered to be identical (same date and amount). However, these may not be real duplicates (example: a return trip toll on the same day).

I am using the Jenji Solo version: If the duplicates are legitimate, click on Ignore warning (from the mobile app) or Ignore (from the web application).The alert will be deactivated.

My account is managed by my company: Alerts can only be deactivated by users with access to employee alerts.

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