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Declare your own expenses

What you need to know before you can mark your own expenses as compliant

  • You are attached to an organisation (Team or Enterprise plan)
  • You have the right of Checker for your own expenses (if this is not the case, contact the administrator of your account)
  • This feature is available on the web application at

Some rules to know before marking your expenses as compliant


By deciding that an expense is Compliantyou confirm that the data entered is complete and in accordance with the information in the supporting document.   

An expense Pending Compliance Decision appears in the To check tab in your organisation's account.Once the expense is deemed to be Compliantyour expense is ready to be approved by the Manager, in the To approve tab.

Checking compliance of your expenses


There are two possibilities for deeming that an expense is Compliant :

1 - Mark an expense as compliant during entry

  • Enter the expense data.
  • Click on Compliant before creating the expense.


2 - Mark an expense as compliant when viewing

  • Access expenses by clicking on theExpenses
  • Click on the cell of the expense to be deemed as compliant.
  • The expense is displayed.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Click on Compliant.


Cancelling the compliance decision


Have you mistakenly deemed an expense as Compliant?

  • Click on the Cancel Compliance
  • Edit the data then Save.
  • Click on Compliant


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