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I forgot my password

Reset your Jenji password: follow the guide


In our highly connected society, we do have loads of passwords to remember! Did you forget the one from your Jenji account? Don't worry, just follow the guide.

Important informations:

  • The reset link is only available for 15 minutes! So you need to be quick to change your password.
  • The process only works if you created an account with an email address and a password. If you log into Jenji using Google authentication, the reset password is not available.

From a computer, go to the following address:

You can also do it from the mobile app (log out from the Jenji app via the tab 'Other' to access the login screen).

  • From the login screen, click on "Forgot password?" ;
  forgot password.png
  • Enter your email address (your Jenji ID) and Get a reset link ;
  reset link.png
  • Follow the instructions received by email.

I log into my Jenji account with Google authentication, what can I do?


One of the major advantages of Google authentication is there is no more passwords to remember! Auto login is much more convenient. But it also implies there is only one way to log in, using Google authentication, and therefore no password can be created

login google.png

If this way of log in doesn't suit you, we invite you to create a new account with a different email address and the password of your choice.

I didn't forget my password, but I'd like to change it

You do have a good memory, but you don't want your password to be 'password'? No problem!

Just go to your personnal space and set up a new password: 

  • Access the tab 'User' ;
  • Then on the tab Profile & Preferences
  • From Personnal settings > General > Update Password, you need first to enter your current password, then the new one and to confirm it.
  • Save the modifications by clicking on Save
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