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How to use Sign in with Apple?

You can sign in to Jenji by using Sign in with Apple ID. By using your Apple ID to sign in to both platforms, mobile and web, you don't need to remember any password. 

Set up a Jenji account with sign in with Apple


Sign in with Apple is available on iOS 13.

  • After you downloaded and opened the Jenji mobile app, click the Sign up button, then click Continue with Apple


  • Sign in with Apple displays your name and the personal email address from your Apple ID account for you to review. After you review your information and choose an email option, click Continue, authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID (depending on your model), then start using the app. 


Creating a Jenji account with Sign in with Apple is also available via the web application

Note: If you choose to hide your email, Apple creates a unique, random email address for your Jenji ID. Example: Any email from Jenji is sent to this specific address and then forwarded to your personal address by Apple. 

Log into Jenji with Sign in with Apple


After you set up a Jenji account using Sign in with Apple, you can log in easily on your mobile with Face ID or Touch ID (depending on your model).

  • Click Continue with Apple, review the Apple ID that appears, then click Continue.


From the web application, use the Login with Apple button. 

  • Enter your Apple ID and your password.  


Several authentication systems possible


Are your Apple ID and Google Account the same? You can use any social authentication you want to sign in to your Jenji account.

Have you created a Jenji account by entering an email address and a password? You can use the social authentication of your choice at any time if the credentials are the same.

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