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Set countries

Who can add recurring countries?

  • Any user with a Solo
  • Administrators of Team and Enterprise

What are recurrent countries used for and how to define them?


Adding recurring countries makes it easier to select the Country field when entering an expense by a user. Recurring countries appear at the top of the list, both on mobile and via the web application.

To define recurring countries:

  • Go to the web application at
  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  • In the Company settingsmenu on the left of the screen, click on General, then Country and Currency.
  • In the Recurring countries box, click on Add.


In the window that opens:

  • Select the desired country from the dropdown list.
  • Or otherwise use the search bar.
  • Click on Add

It is possible to delete a recurring country at any time by hovering the mouse over the cell, then clicking on the bin icon.

Note: The main country of your account is displayed at the top of the list. It cannot be deleted.


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