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Self-creation of vehicles & control by the administration

Vehicle management by default


The administrator must add the employee's vehicle in the account configuration so that the employee can enter mileage expenses.

Are you an administrator, and you don't want to take charge of this step? You can therefore choose the option 'Self-creation of vehicles & control by the administration', the details of which are set out below.

Option 'Autonomous creation of vehicles & control by the administration'

  • The creation of the vehicle is relayed to the employees.
    Employees can add their own vehicle directly from their mobile, or via the web application if they do not have a smartphone.
  • From their mobile, they can simply scan the registration certificate. They can also import an image or a PDF file. The data is extracted automatically (model, type and fiscal horsepower of the vehicle).
  • The account administrator receives an automatic email as soon as a vehicle is created by an employee (and also when a vehicle is modified).


  • The vehicle is synchronised and available in the account configuration Company Settings > User management > Vehicles.


  • Vehicle information, as well as a copy of the registration certificate, are accessible for verification.


Important: If the validate button is not activated, the mileage expenses entered by the employee cannot be approved.

Creation and management of vehicles by the Administration


Although your employees are autonomous with regard to the creation of their vehicle, you can - as Account Administrator - carry out the following actions:

  • Create a vehicle for an employee, and optionally attach a copy of the corresponding registration certificate.
  • Modify an existing vehicle.
  • Deactivate an existing vehicle.
  • Reactivate a deactivated vehicle.

Are you interested in the option Self-creation of vehicles & control by the administration? If so, please contact our support by email at
Feature available in Jenji Team and Jenji Enterprise plans / free activation by our team.

Optional field “Kilometers traveled”


When creating a vehicle (and as long as the vehicle has not been validated), it is possible to enter the number of kilometers already traveled with the vehicle, since the start of the current year.


This information, if applied to the vehicle, is taken into account in the automatic calculation of mileage allowances.

Example :

  • Maggie adds her vehicle to her Jenji account on 10/10/2023.
  • 5,800 kilometers have already been declared (apart from Jenji) for this vehicle since January 1, 2023.
  • The vehicle is validated with this information.
  • Maggie declares her first mileage expenses in Jenji.
  • The calculation is based on the second tranche of the mileage scale (distance from 5,001 km to 20,000 km).


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