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Add mileage expenses

Easily declare your trips. Jenji calculates the amount of your mileage allowances for you!

Declare mileage expenses on a mobile phone


Watch our video tutorial.



Declare mileage expenses on the web


  • From the menu, click on Add, then on Mileage expenses.


  • You can use the Google Maps In this case, enter the addresses / places of departure and arrival. The form's distance field will be filled in automatically (you can indicate whether it is a round trip). You can also enter one or more stops made during your journey by clicking on the "+" button located under the place of arrival: 
multi destination mileage 4.png


  • Otherwise enter the distance of your new trip manually.


  • The Recurring trips feature can also help you. This allows you to select a trip that you have declared in the past. You just need to change the date of the trip.


  • Click on Save to record your mileage expenses.


Declare mileage expenses over a period of time

You have recurring journeys, you can now create mileage expenses over a defined period :

  • Add new mileage expense with the button Add
  • Activate the option Select a period
  • Set the time period via the calendar tool
  • Press the Apply button once the time period is set
  • Once the mileage expense has been correctly filled, press the Create button
  • A number of expenses equal to the selected days will be created
Mileage expenses.png
  Selected period.png

No vehicle configured in your account?


You can use Jenji in Solo plan: Configure your vehicles independently .

You can use Jenji in your company's plan: Contact the Administrator of your company's Jenji account to have your vehicle configured.


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