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I cannot find my expenses, help!

You may have multiple Jenji accounts


It is so easy to create a Jenji account on the free plan that you might have created one without even noticing. 

To find out if you have mutiple accounts, check first the email address with which you are currently logged into your Jenji account. 


  • On the mobile app, go to the tab More > My profile ;
  • On your personal space, access the Configuration of your account by clicking on your ID at the bottom of the menu.

If several accounts have been created with different email addresses and expenses have been submitted on both sides, you can ask for a migration of your data. 

To do so, send an email to, asking for a data migration from Account X to Account Y


Extend the period: a good practice to find your expenses


You log into your personal space and some of your expenses have disappeared, maybe all of them?
Don't worry, expenses are usually not lost for long in Jenji. 

One of the reasons for not seeing your data can be the date of the expenses. By default, only expenses from the previous 30 days are displayed. 


If your expenses have a prior date, you will not see them at a glance. It is also possible that the date was extracted incorrectly by our OCR. 


It will take only a few clicks to always find your expenses:

  • In the tab Expenses, click on the calendar icon to be able to extend the period​.
  • Use the arrow displayed in the column Modification to order expenses by last modification date.  



  • The last expense on which a modification occured is displayed at the top of the list. In case of incorrect data, click on the expense and modify the details.  

Note: You can also use the filters available or the search bar to find a specific expense.


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