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How to forward expenses to my accountant?

Forwarding data via an export


You submitted your expenses in Jenji, they have been handled, maybe even reimbursed. Ok but now, how to forward them to your accountant?


The best solution is simply to generate an export! 


Different formats of export in Jenji


Every plan in Jenji, free or paid one, includes standard exports. By 'standard' we mean fixed formats
A user cannot personalize a standard export, whether it is regarding the size of the document or the data included in. However, expenses can be exported in different formats: Excel, CSV, PDF or ZIP.


You can request an export both from the web application or the mobile app (iOS and Android).

Exports are sent by email (check your spam folder in case).


Exports are also available at any time in your personal space in the tab Exports
You can download directly the report. But if your plan is to forward your data to your accountant, we advise you to use the sharing link instead.


If you request an export from the mobile app, be careful about the selected period which is by default the previous month. For example, if you generate an export in July without modifying the period, the report will include expenses from June 1st to July 1st.


Focus on the ZIP format


Data from expenses are not enough? You also need the associated receipts? Then the export in ZIP format is the answer.


A ZIP file generated by Jenji includes both receipts (classified by year and month) and details about expenses in the Excel and CSV documents.


Note: The format of the receipt depends on the way the expense was created. JPEG if a picture was taken / PDF if a PDF document was imported.


I don't want to share all my expenses with my accountant, how do I do?


You only want to share specific expenses. Not a problem! 

For a selection of expenses, or to combine both expenses and mileage, go to the web interface

Via the tab Expenses:

  • Select the period of your choice using the calendar icon:


Note: Dates might have been entered or extracted incorrectly. We advise you to extend the period by clicking on "Other period" in order to spot any error. 

  • Use the filters available if you need a specific selection. For example, expense type 'mileage' ;
  • Your expenses are displayed. Tick the first box in order to select all of them ; 
  • Click on the button Exports then Standard (CSV, Excel, ZIP, PDF) ;
  • Select the format of your choice and click on OK

Giving additional information in the exports


Since standard exports are not editable, here is a few tips in case you need to forward additional details

The most exhaustive export format is Excel. All the fields associated to an expense are displayed in the document. Therefore you can use the field 'Comment' to add any information.

If you are exporting in PDF format, don't hesitate to add details in the fields 'Seller' (or 'Trip' when it comes to mileage). Data will be displayed in the relevant column as you can see below. 


Facilitate your management through reimbursement exports


Why bother with a selection and filters when you can generate an export in one click?

On paid plans, it is possible to generate a ZIP export directly from a reimbursement export. Thus eliminating any risk of omission or error

  • Go to the tab Exports > Reimbursements ;
  • Click on the three dots button ; 
  • Click on 'Export ZIP' ;
  • Your export is sent by email, and available at any time in the tab  Exports > Standard


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