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[Jenji tip] Expenditure instant overview using the quick calculator

Jenji's fast calculator or the end of mental calculation

The feature Quick calculator is currently available only on the web interface.
Go to your personal space 


Access the total amount of your expenses 

  • In the tab Expenses, click on the calendar icon ; 


  • Extend the period to the maximum ;

  • All your expenses are displayed. Tick the first box next to the column 'Date' in order to select all of them ; 

  • The summary of your expenses is available in the Quick calculator cell. Click on it to access more details.


You will find the total of your 'standard' expenses, as well as the distance covered on your different trips and its corresponding amount. Distinction is also made if expenses have been submitted in a foreign currency, convenient right?




Get a summary of specific expenses


The main benefit of a digital tool is to facilitate data search and analysis.  

We implemented a number of filters allowing you to sort your expenses by different criteria.

For example, in just a few clicks, you can find out the total amount of expenses in category 'Restaurant', which were paid by 'Company credit card' and on a specific period of time. 



Once expenses are filtered, the actions remain the same as previously: select the expenses and access the Quick calculator


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