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How to use the multi-page mode?

Scanning several pages into a PDF document


Whether from your iPhone or Android phone, scan multiple pages and save your document into a PDF format. 

The multi-page mode :


  • Open the Jenji app and click on the button Add
  • In the expense entry menu, click on Multi pages (available from iOS 13). 
  • You can use either the Manual mode, or the Auto one to take advantage of automatic photo capture and cropping.
  • Scan the pages one after the other. Then when you're done scanning click on Save

Multi pages en.jpg

  • You can view the different pages of your document at any time.

Multi pages en - 2.jpg

Note: For Android, the Multi Pages mode will not be available when using your mobile's native camera application.

You will need to disable this option beforehand, which can be activated by following our documentation.
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