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How to manage my Uber invoices?

Make your life easier. Receive your Uber invoices by email!

Using Uber for business rides? Do you know that you can receive automatically by email:

  • A summary in PDF format: your monthly (or weekly) travel report for rides taken on your Business Profile. 
  • A ZIP file: individual invoices for each ride in PDF format.

Setting up your Uber account

  • Via the app Uber, access Payment
  • Enable business travel features in order to separate professional and personal invoices. 
  • Click on the tab For me
  • Enter your professional email address and click on Next
  • Click on your existing payment method (or add a new one) and click on Next.  
  • Choose the frequency at which you would like to receive your travel reports. 


Submitting expenses in Jenji

1 / I have dozens of rides per month, I want to submit a single expense in Jenji.

When you receive your travel report by email from Uber with the attached summary, just forward the email to The expense will be automatically created in your Jenji account.
Note: Outbox and Jenji account ID email addresses must be common.

Or download the attached document and import your file in Jenji.

  • Submit an expense on Web. 
  • Submit an expense on iOS.
  • Submit an expense on Android.

2 / I prefer all my Uber rides to be created individually in Jenji.

When you receive your travel report by email as attachment, a link is also available in the body of the email to download all your receipts.


Once your PDFs are available:

  • Click on Add and Use Batch import from the web application


  • Ou use auto-import via Dropbox.


In both cases, data are extracted automatically, except Payment method. Use batch editing to act on multiple expenses at once.

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