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How to calculate your mileage allowance in Jenji Solo

Declare your mileage allowances in Jenji


The Jenji solution is not only there to help you manage your business expenses, it also helps you manage your travel arrangements. No need to go through a number of programs and applications, Jenji calculates your mileage allowances directly. Learn how!


Two options for calculating mileage allowances


The default option: the official mileage scale


All Jenji accounts in the SOLO plan are set by default to the 2023 mileage scale .
The amount of your mileage expenses is therefore calculated automatically in relation to the official scale.

In addition to varying according to the vehicle type and its fiscal horsepower, the kilometre scale includes different kilometre bands.

As you can see, managing your mileage allowances in France is far from being easy. Fortunately, Jenji takes care of everything.

In the event that you move to a higher band, the amount of your mileage allowances will be automatically revalued.

Please note, the cumulative mileage is to be taken into account over the entire fiscal year, and not just over a month. Please consult our article Configure the mileage scale for more details.


Defining a fixed rate


You don't want your mileage allowances to be calculated according to the official mileage scale? Jenji has thought of everything: set the coefficient of your choice!


To do so, go to the web application.


1 - Set a fixed rate

  • Access your account Settings by clicking on the dedicated icon at the top right.


  • In the Company settings menu, click Expense policy > Mileage expenses.
  • In the Mileage expenses box, select the Fixed rate option, specify the coefficient to apply, then click on Save.

Note: In order to check that your settings have been updated correctly, we advise you to click on your keyboard's F5 key  to refresh your page.


2 - Management of mileage allowances entered previously

Warning! Please note that the change from the official scale to a fixed rate per kilometre is not retroactive.

If you have already entered mileage expenses and want them to be revalued according to the new coefficient, you will have to take certain actions.

You must re-enter your mileage expenses, making sure to transcribe all the information previously indicated. You can then delete the mileage expenses created with the wrong calculation method.


Export your mileage allowances


Jenji allows you to export your mileage allowances with ease, either via the web application or via mobile, thanks to its dedicated export feature Export Mileage Expenses PDF.

This annualised export takes into account the total number of kilometres declared in a fiscal year.

Notably, this is the only export that is valid if you use the official kilometre scale for the calculation of your mileage allowances in your Jenji SOLO account.

Effectively, the mileage band concerned is applied at the time of the generation of the Mileage Expenses PDF Export.

The amount is therefore in accordance with the official scale, and is no longer an estimate.


Generate a Mileage Expenses PDF export via mobile

  • Go to the Profile
  • In the Export section, click on Mileage expenses.
  • Select the desired year, then click on Export.
  • The export will be sent by email. It is also available in your personal space, in the Exports

Generate a Mileage Expenses PDF export via the web application


Go to Via the My expenses tab:

  • Click directly on Reports, then Mileage PDF.


  • Select the year, enter a label, and click OK.


  • The export will be sent by email. It is also available in your Exports

Export mileage expenses in another format


It is also possible to generate a mileage expenses export in a format other than the annualised PDF.

For those who use the official mileage scale, we should remind you that the Mileage Expenses PDF is the only export that is valid for the calculation of your mileage allowances in your Jenji SOLO account. Before this export is generated, the amount of your mileage allowances is estimated.

Have you set a fixed rate in your Jenji SOLO account? Or do you use the official scale, but still want another export format? Go to your online space.

  • In the My expenses tab, select the 'Mileage' type of expense and other possible filters: period, expense state, etc.
  • Tick the mileage expenses.
  • Click on Exports, then Standard (CSV, Excel, ZIP, PDF).


  • Choose the desired format and click on OK.
  • ​The export will be sent by email. It is also available in your Exports
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