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Easily manage your reimbursements in Jenji Solo

Managing reimbursements by using different payment methods

How do you track which payment methods have been used? Which expenses are reimbursable? One simple answer to all these questions: Jenji's multi payment methods!

Several payment methods are set by default in the Settings of your account. You will find them in your personal space


Go to Company settings > General > Payment methods. ​​

Each payment method is classed as 'Reimbursable' or 'Not reimbursable'


This distinction allows any user (even from the free version) to easily manage reimbursements, since a payment method is associated to every expense submitted in Jenji.

Configure your own payment methods 


Every user is unique, with specific processes, external constraints and personal preferences. 

So we decided at Jenji to leave you room for maneuver, the end goal remaining always the same: to simplify the management of your business expenses.

Several options are available regarding the configuration of your payment methods:

1 / I want to keep an exhaustive list of payment methods

At any time, you can rename the existing payment methods or add new ones using the buttons provided for that purpose. 

2 / I have no use in keeping different payment methods

On the free version, it is not possible to delete payment methods. However you can configure your list in a way that best suits your situation. 

In the example below, the first 2 payment methods have been renamed 'Reimbursable' and 'Not reimbursable'. For each new expense submitted, one of the two payment methods will be associated. 

The other entries have been renamed 'Not applicable' to make a distinction. Those payment methods will not be used.   


Note: In the case of a data migration from an account to another, you will have to configure the payment methods the exact same way, so you can get all the previous data back as identical.

Filter and export your expenses by payment method


Your payment methods have been configured.
Your expenses have been submitted and filled in accordingly.
What to do next?

At any time you can sort your expenses depending on the payment method that has been used. 

The filter is available on all of our platforms: WebAndroid and iOS.         

If you want to export a selection of expenses, for example regarding only one payment method, or all the reimbursable ones, go to the web interface

Via the Expenses tab:

  • Select the period and the payment method of your choice. 


  • Your expenses are displayed. Check the first box in order to select them all. 
  • Click on the button Actions > Export selected expenses. 

Note: You can then, if you wish, declare these expenses as 'done'.  

One last tip to save time: configure your default payment method


You tend to always use the same payment method? Be sure to set it as your default Payment method in your profile. Fields will be automatically filled in when creating new expenses, both from the mobile app or the web platform. 

Note: Default settings include also your Currency and your Country. 

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