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Re-invoicing expenses in Jenji Solo using tags

Manage and track the invoicing of expenses 

Expenditure incurred during a specific mission and need to be re-invoiced? 

Our Re-invoincing module, available on paid plans, allows to class each expense as 'billable' and to associate a client or project code. The set of data (receipts included) can then be exported (Excel, PDF format) and shared with your contacts.

You need to handle and manage re-invoicing cases but are using the free version of Jenji?
No problem, our system of tags will become your best friend. Follow the guide.  

Declare expenses as billable using a tag

The easiest way to manage re-invoicing is by using the Tags feature. Tags are key words that you can use to track expenses based on your activity and context. 

In our current case, you could for example configure a Tag named 'Billable'. At any time you'll be able to associate this tag to an expense

Then, from your personal space, use the search bar available in the 'Expenses' tab to sort your 'billable' expenses. 


Once the key word has been entered (your tag), all the associated expenses are displayed. 


You can now:

  • Select the expenses
  • Click on Exports > Standard
  • Select the format of your choice.  


We advise you to be precise when typing the label of your export. This way it will be easier to manage your reports in your 'Exports' tab. 


In the case you need to provide the receipts, select the 'PDF with receipts' format. 

The Tag information is also available in the CSV and Excel exports (column 'tags').

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