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Find out how to manage several companies in Jenji Solo

I want to manage different companies, what are my options?

You are looking for an easy way to differentiate your professional expenses because expenditure is incurred on behalf of several companies?


You can choose among the following alternatives: 


Option 1: Managing several companies through different Jenji accounts


You can create as many Jenji accounts as you wish. Each account is linked to a unique ID. You just need to use different email addresses.

Both the mobile app and the web interface provide a very simple and quick way of switching between accounts. 

To do so, you just need to log out from your current account, and log back with another account.

To log out on mobile, first go your profile by clicking on the icon on the top right of your dashboard.




Then click on Logout at the bottom. You will be redirected on the login page.



Option 2: Managing several companies through the use of Tags​


Tags are key words that you can use to track expenses based on your activity and context.

In our current case, you can configure your Tags according to the companies name.

At any time, you'll be able to assign the tag of your choice to an expense. Therefore each expense can be associated to Company A or Company B

From your personal space, use the search bar available in the 'Expenses' tab to sort your expenses by company. 


Once the key word has been entered (your tag), all the associated expenses are displayed. 

You can then select your expenses and generate an export in the format of your choice, for a forward to your accountant for example. 


Button Exports SOLO.png

Note: The tag information is also available in CSV and Excel exports (column 'tags'). 

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