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My subscription is taken care of by my accounting firm, how can I subscribe to archiving with probative value?

Free yourself from paper


Since May 2017, it has been possible in France to dematerialise expense reports, provided that a certified Electronic Archiving System.

With our Vault solution, you can therefore keep any type of supporting document (invoices, receipts) for 6 years in a digital safe with probative value, which will meet all fiscal and social security (URSSAF) requirements!

I am convinced, I will sign up to the digital safe


If you are the Administrator of your Jenji account and your company is registered in France, the Archiving with probative value offer is available on a self-service basis, provided that your accounting firm has chosen this option.

  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  • In the Subscription menu on the left of the screen, go to the Invoices


  • In the Jenji Vault section, select the storage capacity you want, and click on Subscribe.


  • In the Billing information tab, complete the billing information. You must accept the general terms and conditions of sale to be able to save.
    Note: The intra-community VAT number is not required for associations.


  • In the Payment method section, click on Configure to set up a direct debit.


  • Complete the direct debit form, and confirm the setting up of an automatic debit for the Archiving with probative value offer.
  • Your payment information has been registered. Now click on Subscribe.
  • Your digital safe is now active (you can cancel your subscription at any time).
  • Your IBAN number is currently being checked.


  • Once your direct debit is confirmed, you can find your Jenji Vault invoices directly via the Subscription> Invoices menu, as explained in this article .

Filing of supporting documents


The Vault offer is not retroactive. Supporting documents associated with the expenses entered before the offer is activated will not be placed in the digital safe. So please keep all your supporting documents for expenses dated before the activation of your Vault option.

Any new expense entered in your account will be automatically deposited in the digital safe. Paper support is no longer necessary!

  1. On the mobile application

When viewing an expense, clicking on the safe symbol displays information concerning the deposit of the supporting document.

  1. On the web application

The safe icon appears in the list of your expenses. By hovering your mouse pointer over it, a text will be displayed indicating when the supporting document was stored digitally.


When viewing an expense, the 'Electronic archiving' icon is available:


Via this icon, you can download the supporting document in PDF format, and the proof of deposit in xml format.


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