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I'm on the Team plan, how to subscribe to probative value archiving?

Free yourself from paper


Since May 2017 it is possible in France to go paperless!

Free yourself from paper receipts with Jenji Vault. Thanks to an exclusive partnership, receipts are automatically processed and stored in a fiscally compliant way. 


I am convinced, how to get Jenji Vault?


Your are Admin of your Team account and your company is registered in France, subscription to Jenji Vault is available in self service

  • Go to the Settings tab of your account at the top right of your screen.
  • From the Subscription menu, go to General.
  • Since December 21, 2021 3 Gb stockage capacity is proposed for free
  • In the Jenji Vault section, click on Enable.
  • Complete the billing information. You must accept the terms and conditions before you can save. Afterwards, you will always have the possibility to modify your billing information from the Billing Information tab.

Note: Intra-European VAT is not required for non-profit associations.

  • Now click on Configure to enable the monthly payment.

  • Fill out the direct debit form. 
  • Once your payment details have been saved, subscribe to Jenji Vault. 
  • Your vault in now active (you can cancel your subscription at any time).
  • Your IBAN is currently being checked, you can see this on the Billing Information tab.
  • Your invoices will be available in the Invoices tab once the monthly payment is confirmed. 


Receipts deposit


The Vault offer is not retroactive. No receipt from expenses submitted before the activation of Jenji Vault will be processed or stored in the digital safe. Be careful to keep all your paper receipts in the meantime.

Once Jenji Vault is implemented in your account, receipts from new expenses are stored automatically in your digital safe. A safe icon and a label 'Archived' are displayed on each expense.
The paper version of the receipt has no legal use anymore!

1. On the mobile app

When viewing an expense, details about the receipt deposit are available by clicking on the safe icon. 

2. On the web app

The safe icon is displayed in your expenses list. Hover the mouse cursor over it to access details about the deposit time.


When viewing an expense, an Electronic archiving tab is available from which one you can download both the receipt in PDF format and the proof of the deposit in xml format.  




How do I cancel my Vault subscription?

You may find the procedure to cancel your Jenji Vault subscription in our article "How do I cancel my Vault subscription? "
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