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How do I cancel my Vault subscription?

Have you subscribed to the probative value archiving offer? You therefore no longer need to keep and archive paper invoices. All supporting documents (paper scans and invoices in PDF format) are automatically sent to your electronic safe, and are kept for a legal period of 6 years.

I wish to terminate the Archiving option with probative value


Please note that, following the termination of the Vault option, the deposit of supporting documents in your digital safe will no longer be effective. You will therefore need to keep receipts for your future expenses in paper format.

  • Go to your personal web space at
  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  • In the Subscription menu, then General.
  • In the Jenji Vault section, click on Cancel my subscription.

What about the supporting documents in my safe?


The supporting documents for the expenses that you entered during your Vault subscription have been deposited in your electronic safe. Even after termination of the Archiving with probative value offer, their storage will continue until the end of the legal period.

When do I need to access my safe?


You will only need to access your safe in the event of a URSSAFF inspection.

Initially, you will be able to make pdf exports of the supporting documents from your Jenji space, and send them to the inspector.

You may also communicate your Jenji identifiers to the URSSAF inspector, so they will be able to access and check your documents themselves.

In most cases, the documents scanned in Jenji are sufficient for an inspection. In the event that the inspector wishes to access the digital originals of the documents in the safe:

  1. Your inspector must send us a safe access request to the following address: This request must be made from a business address.
  2. In return, we will send the inspector a secure access account to your safe, valid for a period of 2 weeks (renewable).


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