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What does the "Needs review" report in my accounting export mean?

You have just exported your employees' expenses in accounting, the state of your export is 'Needs Review'.

What does this mean?


The 'Needs Review' state indicates that one or more expenses in your export do not have accounting rules, and therefore cannot be exported.
 In fact, you have not finished configuring your chart of accounts rules for all of your categories.

What should I do?


In the Exports > Accounting tab:

  • Download the export by clicking on the three dots,and then "download".


  • Open the PDF file in the ZIP folder to find out the reasons for the error listed in the file (list of categories for which no accounting rule has been defined beforehand).

You can now add the missing rule(s) from the account Settings.


In the Company settings menu, click on Integrations then click on Accounting Exports, you will access the Chart of Accounts Rules Accounts screen.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-13 à 14.41.19.png

For more information, we recommend that you read the following documentation: Set up the accounting export .

After adding the accounting rule for the missing category, you can restart the accounting export concerned.


In the Exports > Accounting menu, click on the refresh icon in the row of an export in Needs Review.



If the configuration is correct, your accounting export will change to the Waiting state.


Note: Another way to proceed is to delete the accounting export in question, in order to generate it again.

To do this, go to the Exports > Accounting tab

  • For a single export, click the three dots, then Delete.
  • For multiple exports at once, select the exports, then click on "Actions > Delete selected exports"


Following this action, you can generate your accounting export again, which will take your new accounting rule into account. This new export will be in the Waiting state.


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