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Re-invoice expenses with the re-invoicing export

As part of specific assignments or projects, do you need to manage billable expenses?

The Re-invoicing module is available in paid plans.

The re-invoicing feature enables you to define an expense as billable, and to associate it with a client code or a project code. All the data and supporting documents can then be exported for re-invoicing (Excel, PDF formats) and shared with your contacts.

Declare an expense as billable


Any expense or mileage expense can be defined as billable:

1) Either by the employee during data entry, or subsequently when viewing the data

All you need to do is activate the Billable field, available via the mobile and web platforms.

2) Or during the approval process

You can decide that an expense must be re-invoiced during the conformity stage ( To check tab), or during the validation stage ( To approve tab).


Export billable expenses: Billable export


A billable export can be generated by various user profiles: Checker, Manager, Accountant.

Via the Expenses > Team tab:

  • Click on Add Filter > Type Billable in the search bar or scroll through the different criteria
  • Click on Billable > Choose Yes
  • Click on Apply


  • Select the expenses, click on Exports then on Re-invoicing.


  • Enter the label of the export.
  • Choose the desired format.
  • Click on Ok.
  • The export will be available in the Exports > Shared
  • Use the "Copy Link" button found when clicking on the three dots to send the export to the person concerned.
  • Or download the document directly.

  • Once the expenses have been re-invoiced (paid by the third party), click on the three dots to open the menu, and click on Mark as re-invoiced.
  • Enter the date and any comments, then click on OK.
  • The export will now appear as Re-invoiced
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