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Deactivate an employee

As the Administrator of your company account, you are full powers with regard to the entry and exit of users. You can therefore deactivate the Jenji account of any of the employees at any time.

  • Go to the web application at
  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  •   In the Company settings menu on the left of the screen, click User management, then Employees > Active users.
  •  Click on the three dots on the concerned employee’s line.
  • Then click on Edit   


In the window that opens:


  • Click Deactivate, then confirm the deactivation.

Any employee whose account has been deactivated will still be visible by clicking on the Show all boolean .


The user account is deactivated. This state is represented by the red cross icon.


The employee can no longer log into their account and enter new expenses.
However, the expenses previously entered remain accessible in the company account (supporting document and data).

At any time, the user's account can be reactivated if necessary.




Personal rights disabled

You do not want a user to be able to enter expenses into Jenji?

Personal rights can now be deactivated for active users.

In account Settings, select the User Management tab, then Employees.
  • Click on the 3 dots to edit an employee profile.
  • In the Roles and permissions section, activate the boolean to remove the employee's personal rights.
  • Both from the mobile app or the web app, user will not have permission to enter expenses, nor access other personal perimeters.
Note: access linked to any additional rights are not affected (verifier, validator, accountant, etc.).
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