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Granting and using delegation rights

Available in Team and Enterprise plans.


Principles of delegation


A delegation allows a user to access another user's account. This is known as an impersonation.

The actions possible are the same as those that the account holder can take if the Full Access type is granted.

However, the scope of actions will be restricted if the Personal scope type is selected. In this case, the delegated user will not have access to the tabs concerning the company's employees.

The Team scope access allows you to access to all team data on the account of the employee who has given the delegation.
You will be able to manage expenses according to the rights attributed to the initial collaborator, for example:

  • compliance of the team's expenses, if he/she has the right of checker,
  • validation of the team's expenses, if he/she has the manager right

You will not have access to his/her personal data and can't add new expenses for him/her.

Delegation is available on a self-service basis. The configuration must be initiated by the account holder who wishes to grant a delegation right to another company employee.


Granting a delegation right to another user


If you would like to grant a delegation right on your account:

  • Go to the web application at
  • Click on User at the top right of the screen, go to Profile & Preferences
  • In the Personal settings menu, click on Login via delegation
  • Click Add a delegation.
  • Select the employee for the delegation and the type of delegation, and enter a period.
  • You can limit this access to a list of specific employees (full access, team scope).
  • Click on Save


  • The delegation will be displayed in the dedicated tab (active delegations / inactive delegations), according to the configured start date.


Note: It is possible to modify the parameters of a delegation, or to delete it using the corresponding icons.


Using a delegation right


If a delegation right has been granted to you, you can connect to the holder's account via your personal web space.  

  • Go to the web application at
  • Click User, then click on login via Delegation


  • The delegations that have been granted to you will be displayed.
  • Click Log in to access the account.

deleg uk.jpg

  • An icon will be displayed continuously to remind you that you are in delegation mode.



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