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Roles and permissions


Only for Team and Enterprise plans.

What user profiles are available?


Simple employee

 A user who is only required to enter expenses does not have any specific rights.

Other profiles allow you to carry out specific actions relating to the processing of employee expenses, and are represented by icons.



A user who has the checker right can carry out the first step of the approval process, namely checking the compliance of the data. This right gives access to the To check tab.



 A user who has the manager right can carry out the second step of the approval process, namely the acceptance of expenses.This right gives access to the To approve tab.



 A user who has the accountant right can take charge of the next steps in the approval process, namely expense reimbursement and/or data recording. This right gives access to the Reimbursement Exports and Accounting Exports tabs.



A user who has the administrator right has access to the company's user management and account settings .This right gives access to the Configuration of company preferences.

A user who is Administrator of a sub-group only has access to the management of users attached to the group in question. This user does not have access to the account settings.


rights8.jpgDelegation right for a group

 A user who has a delegation right for a group can access the accounts of users attached to this group. This is known as an impersonation, and the user can carry out the same actions as the account holder.

Note: It is possible to assign several rights to a user. For example, it is possible to be both a manager and an accountant.

You can find out more by reading our online article Understand the different user profiles .


How to assign/modify rights?



You can assign rights to a user when you send them an invitation to join your company account. The rights can also be changed later.

  • Go to the web application at
  • Access Settings by clicking at the top right of the screen.


  • In the Company settings menu on the left of the screen, click User management, then Employees > Active users.
  • Click on the three dots on the concerned employee’s line. 
  • Click then on Edit.   



In the window that opens, have a look at the Rights management section.

Example 1: You want to grant the Checker right to a user.

  • Activate the selector, and select the group(s)for which the employee can exercise their checker right.


  • Click on Save

Example 2: You want to remove the Administrator right from a user.

  • Turn off the selector.


  • Click on Save


Personal rights disabled


You do not want a user to be able to enter expenses into Jenji?

Personal rights can now be deactivated for active users.

In account Settings, select the User Management tab, then Employees.

  • Click on the 3 dots to edit an employee profile.
  • In the Roles and permissions section, activate the boolean to remove the employee's personal rights.
  • Both from the mobile app or the web app, user will not have permission to enter expenses, nor access other personal perimeters.
Note: access linked to any additional rights are not affected (verifier, validator, accountant, etc.).
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