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Understand the different user profiles

Different profiles for different tasks


In the Team and Enterprise plans, it is possible to assign rights to users attached to the company account.

Effectively, our advanced plans are designed with a collaborative workflow which makes it possible to check and approve the expense reports declared by employees, as well as to manage reimbursements and the processing of accounting entries.

You can learn about Jenji's dynamic, real-time approval circuit via our short tutorial video.


In order for each step of the approval workflow to be carried out, the user must have the corresponding right.

The assignment of rights can be processed when adding the employee to the account, or later, via the account setting.

Default role: the simple employee


If no rights are assigned, users can only take action for their own expenses:

  • Enter expenses
  • Monitor the progress of the processing of expenses
  • Export expenses

Checking the conformity of expenses: the role of the Checker


The checker right allows a user to decide whether the expenses entered in the account by the employees are compliant or not.Via the personal web space, the checker has access to the To check tab.


This screen gives the checker real-time access to all the expenses entered by employees.
 The compliance step consists of checking that the data corresponds to the supporting document.


The checker can modify the data if necessary, and ultimately decides whether the expense is compliant or non-compliant.


Note: If an expense is deemed to be non-compliant, the employee will receive a notification via mobile. The user can modify the data, and resubmit the expense for verification. 

Approval of expenses: the role of the Manager


The manager right allows a user to accept or reject expenses entered by employees. Approval is a mandatory step so that the data can be processed for reimbursement and/or accounting.

Via the personal web space, the manager has access to the To approve tab.


This screen allows the manager to access in real time all the expenses that the checker previously decided were compliant. The approval step consists of accepting or rejecting expenses, by batch or individually, as presented below.


Note: an expense in a rejected state can no longer be modified by the employee.

Processing the reimbursement and accounting of expenses: the role of the Accountant


The accountant right allows a user to process the reimbursement of expenses and/or the recording of data.

Via the personal web space, the accountant has access to reimbursement exports and accounting exports from the Export tab.


Setting up the company account: the role of the Administrator


The administrator right allows a user to set up the company account.

Via the personal web space, the administrator has access to the Company's Preferences by clicking on the Settings tab at the top right of the screen.


A user can be the Administrator of a sub-group. In this case, the administrator only has access to the 'User management' section of this group.

- The approval step can also be carried out via the mobile application.
- The rights are cumulative. A user can have several rights, as checker and administrator for example.

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